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Geeky organisation tip that really works

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This has saved me hours.

You know those tall shallow drawers where you throw everything and then can’t find it? Number each drawer on the outside. On a sheet of paper write in the numbers and then list everything in each drawer on the paper beside the corresponding numbers. Slip the sheet of paper into the top drawer and you’re done. Now everytime you want to find something just scan down the sheet of paper and it will tell you which drawer it is in. Only catch is, you need to put things back in the correct drawer.
You will quickly get used to which drawer which object is in and will never more be stuck for stamps, batteries, sticky stuff, pens, erasers, camera charger. light bulbs, dication machine, post its, staples etc

These drawers make it easy to find all those small items.

These drawers make it easy to find all those small items.


List of items in top drawer makes it easy to find everything.


Written by SOKNH

September 12, 2009 at 15:58

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