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Dodder river, and Dodder Road diary December 2009-January 2010

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A view of the last four weeks

Daughter put her take on 'Scream' on the Christmas cake icing!

My Florida niece and my sister enjoying the snow

As the thaw finally set in.

Sun sets on the river raging as melting snow makes it angry

Gulls gather around lake formed over grass in flooded park

Ray of hope for warmer days


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January 18, 2010 at 17:26

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Dodder diary 14 December 2009

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Setting sun

For a change these pictures were taken in the evening when we went for a walk on Saturday to shake off a Christmas party hangover!

It worked.

The setting sun casts different shadows.

Warming, calming glow of the setting sun.

Setting sun enflames the splashing water.

A familiar Dodder monument - outside the Dropping Well. This rhino seems to survive all flooding.

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December 14, 2009 at 11:08

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Dodder diary 7 December 2009

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Wonderful light this morning. My walking is taking longer and longer as I take more and more pictures. Got a nice one today that I will use for Christmas cards.

The moon in the morning sky.

Winter colour.

Inspiring sky.

Little light shines.

Green, green grass.

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December 7, 2009 at 13:31

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Dodder diary Friday 4 December 2009

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It’s a dull day today and the colours and textures stand out more as a result.

This particular spot is one where the reflections often taken on a surreal quality.

The textures stand out more on a dull day.

Long-legged Italy kicked poor Siciliy into the Mediterranean Sea. This is an offcut of waste timber from a tree that came down in a storm.

Colour and texture are heightened by grey skies.

Dodder walkers mark the spot.

And the township marked another spot up beside the weir more than a hundred years ago.

Silken water is foil for filigree branches.

Leaves snuggle up to the main iron gate.

The key to the park - I don't remember ever seeing this gate closed.

One of the herons was under the footbridge this morning.

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December 4, 2009 at 13:34

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Dodder diary Wednesday 2 December 2009

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I have to go for the dreaded NCT for the car next week, so left it in to be serviced this morning and then went on my Dodder walk. My camera is acting up a bit so I took some of these on the iPhone.

The autumn leaf-strewn path has turned to winter.

Golden sun warms the bare branches.

Sparse twigs pattern the water.

Evergreens remain constant.

One of the two herons settles in his morning spot.

The other heron is alert and watching out for breakfast.

Lacy lichen littered branches spread out across the water.

The heron and the shopping trolley. Ah me.

Two different worlds side by side.

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December 2, 2009 at 13:21

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Dodder diary 30 November

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Last days of autumn

Dimples in the water at the weir.

Magical morning sky.

Autumn burns out in glorious orange.

The last few leaves linger on.

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November 30, 2009 at 16:46

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Dodder diary, Friday 27 November, 2009

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Battle of will between the heron and the cormorant

By some freak of nature, while the rest of the country struggles against disastrous flooding, the Dodder isn’t even covering the path. My sympathies to all of those whose everyday life has been destroyed and who are still battling to deal with the fallout.

The heron and the cormorant were in battle today over a spot on the Dodder where some fish were there for the taking. At the start of my walk the heron was making its pre-historic cawking noises at the comorant. On my way back the heron had been ousted and was further down the river, while the cormorant was victoriously in the choice spot.

Meanwhile, a plastic bag seems to have sculpted itself into a heron form.

Battle of wills over fishing spot between heron and cormorant

Heron spots something tasty

Cormorant dives under water to sneak closer to heron

Cormorant braves the heron's wrath again

Cormorant has stolen the heron's fishing spot

Plastic bag sculpts itself into heron form

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November 27, 2009 at 14:43

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