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Underground restaurant tomorrow!

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At first it looked like I wouldn’t get enough people to make it worthwhile holding the underground restaurant, but on Monday this week the bookings started coming very quickly. The 20 places are now fully booked and I am squeezing in one more too.

Spent last weekend spring cleaning in preparation and yesterday sorting out glasses, crockery, tablecloths, cutlery, napkins etc. I had to take a trip out to Ikea to get extra glasses and cutlery – so it looks like I will be doing this again.

Apart from the spring cleaning, I am really enjoying it all and the food is all coming together.

Thankfully made double batch of chilli last night for ourselves – sneaked a bit of it for my lunch which has kept me going.

I spent today in the kitchen cooking and listening to repeats of Smiley’s People on the BBC listen again website.

Better head back to the kitchen and get some of the bread started.

To see the menu and how it all goes, watch this space!


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February 12, 2010 at 17:22

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