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Underground restaurant Feb 13: Menu takes shape

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I have four bookings for my Saturday 13 February underground restaurant and now the menu is beginning to take shape.
It will be a three-course (minimum) meal – and the choice will be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Everything, including bread, will be homemade.
The menu is not set in stone yet but the main courses may be Boeuf Bourguignon; and vegetarian chilli with guacamole and tacos.
The idea is to have really good food – not necessarily really out there food.
I will have at least one starter – at the moment I’m thinking of chicken liver pate or hummous with homemade oatcakes.
Or perhaps mini croque monseurs with green salad – inspired by Meryl Streep in ‘It’s complicated’.
The main course will be followed by cheese and several desserts.
I may also have some ‘amuse bouche’ at the beginning and various little cookies at the end.
And there’ll be a selection of different breads.

I can cater for up to 20 and it will be €25 a head – bring your own wine or whatever you like to drink.

If you’re interested, email and I’ll give you any other information you need.


Written by SOKNH

January 31, 2010 at 15:52

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