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Dodder diary Friday 4 December 2009

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It’s a dull day today and the colours and textures stand out more as a result.

This particular spot is one where the reflections often taken on a surreal quality.

The textures stand out more on a dull day.

Long-legged Italy kicked poor Siciliy into the Mediterranean Sea. This is an offcut of waste timber from a tree that came down in a storm.

Colour and texture are heightened by grey skies.

Dodder walkers mark the spot.

And the township marked another spot up beside the weir more than a hundred years ago.

Silken water is foil for filigree branches.

Leaves snuggle up to the main iron gate.

The key to the park - I don't remember ever seeing this gate closed.

One of the herons was under the footbridge this morning.


Written by SOKNH

December 4, 2009 at 13:34

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