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Dodder diary, Friday 27 November, 2009

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Battle of will between the heron and the cormorant

By some freak of nature, while the rest of the country struggles against disastrous flooding, the Dodder isn’t even covering the path. My sympathies to all of those whose everyday life has been destroyed and who are still battling to deal with the fallout.

The heron and the cormorant were in battle today over a spot on the Dodder where some fish were there for the taking. At the start of my walk the heron was making its pre-historic cawking noises at the comorant. On my way back the heron had been ousted and was further down the river, while the cormorant was victoriously in the choice spot.

Meanwhile, a plastic bag seems to have sculpted itself into a heron form.

Battle of wills over fishing spot between heron and cormorant

Heron spots something tasty

Cormorant dives under water to sneak closer to heron

Cormorant braves the heron's wrath again

Cormorant has stolen the heron's fishing spot

Plastic bag sculpts itself into heron form


Written by SOKNH

November 27, 2009 at 14:43

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