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Autumn returns to the river

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My car is out of action so took my walk up to Terenure to get a few chores done. Weather has got much colder and for walking it’s back into the fleece lined trousers, and autumn weight fleece jacket. Hard to imagine it was T-shirt temperature just a week ago.

I passed these ducks on the way. They were first headed for the waterfall, but quickly turned around and headed back down the river. It looked like this was a method for catching insects. Meanwhile, one sat regally on their own at the top.

Going to waterfallIMG_0076

Ducks going upstream on river Dodder towards waterfall

Coming from waterfallIMG_0078

Ducks coming back down, catching their breakfast as they go.


One duck who is keeping the best spot to herself.


Written by SOKNH

September 4, 2009 at 12:36

Posted in 1, Dodder Diary

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